Democracy for Hong Kong

Democracy is the symbol of a free, fair and liberal society. Yet many have stood passively as civil liberties are eroded amidst the cloud of materialism. The apparent apathy or disillusionment to the embodiment of these basic human rights are alarming. Because moral fibre no longer makes up the core of our principles when constitutional liberties are taken for granted and economic prosperity is our end game.

A line should be drawn to distinguish between government empowerment that is hindered by powerful elites with secular interests, and separation of powers that safeguards freedoms of expression, speech, association and religion so that we can see the situation in Hong Kong clearly. This fight is not about which system can govern better, it is about the right to have a voice.

Liberal democracy thrives in societies with a contributing middle class with legal accountability that is enforced by strong legislature and an independent judiciary. Institutions in Hong Kong safeguarding our constitutional liberty is a beacon of hope within Greater China. Civil liberties in Hong Kong is rated at 2 out of 7 according to Freedom House, while press freedom is ranked at 61 out of 180 in the Press Freedom Index compared to 175 for China. The courts are independent to ensue due process and the ICAC ensures civil services are uncorrupted and accountable, putting Hong Kong 15th out of 183 in the Corruption Perceptions Index. Genuine democracy would naturally flourish in Hong Kong because we have all the required elements and a moderate population that is focused on the pragmatic.

Under Beijing’s continued efforts to manipulate public opinion and assert political control, our rights as citizens of Hong Kong has notably deteriorated. Beijing’s fear for lack of support in a fair and transparent democratic election has manifested into blatant ambitions for totalitarianism. Recent aggressive police handling of protesters for universal suffrage has sparked universal condemnation.

Our rights are invaluable and cannot be sold, compromised or bargained with. We must not be caught unaware or stand idly by while our constitutional liberties are eroded year on year. We must stand up for what is right. Stop asking what democracy or protests can do for you. Instead, ask yourself what you can do to protect your own rights.

East Hotel - Hong Kong

Rooftop bar at the East Hotel in Taikoo. This place is right next to my flat and has a stunning view across the harbour. The deck outside has some nice big sofas perfect for a glass of wine and a gathering. I came here for my partner’s birthday and it was a fantastic start to the day.

When dictatorship becomes a fact, revolution becomes a duty.

Her love was so pure, yet she was tainted with evil.

Stanley - Hong Kong

A romantic getaway for a few hours in the south of Hong Kong. Stanley is an old time expat favourite in Hong Kong to live. It has a relaxing atmosphere away from the pace of the city yet only half an hour away from the centre. Coming here for Sunday was a nice treat.

When life is sweet, say thank you and celebrate. And when life is bitter, say thank you and grow.
Shauna Niequist, Bittersweet (via simply-quotes)
The bloom of cancer

She was painting with words. And it was beautiful.

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When enemies are at your door, I’ll carry you away from war. If you need help, if you need help. Your hope dangling by a string, I’ll share in your suffering. To make you well, to make you well.

When you fall like a statue, I’m going to be there to catch you. Put you on your feet. And if your well is empty not a thing will prevent me. Tell me what you need, what do you need?

You’re my back bone. You’re my cornerstone. You’re my crutch when my legs stop moving. You’re my head start. You’re my rugged heart. You’re the pulse that I’ve always needed.

So I would do it for you, for you. Baby, I’m not moving on, I’ll love you long after you’re gone. For you, for you. You will never sleep alone. I’ll love you long after you’re gone, and long after you’re gone, gone, gone.

Happy Birthday my love.

The fluffy toy, the book, and not even the plane tickets is your real birthday present. The real one is that we will be as happy as today, every day, forever~!

Let’s yo!! My new love.

Dear Diary - An Ending?

It has really been a long time since a heart to heart talk with blogosphere. I am the type to only speak when it’s a necessity, hence I have always found it difficult to write about daily life.

Nearly three years after I started this blog, after my initial collapse into clinical depression. I am happy to report that life is truly good, and I feel the transformation is complete.

It was a dream of mine to find a life I can settle in, where I can go to bed most days looking forward to the next. It became a reality.

My work is the place where talent meets opportunity. Believing that I can become successful if I apply my ability diligently gives me incredible motivation. Being the only expert of my field in the continent for a leading company and taking on responsibility far beyond the norms of people my age gives me a great sense of pride and achievement.

But none of this would matter without my other half. He is my fellow reveller in times of joy and my voice of reason in times of doubt, I feel so lucky to have found him. We lived together for the last month and I loved every day, I see myself being with him to the end of time.

I am not forgetting lessons of the past though, I thought I found love but the person I found was not the right one. Immature and emotionally unstable, he was toxic to me and I never realised. Forgiving is hard work, and I have not got there yet. Regardless of how much I might despise him, it is good to see him doing well again. Before, I knew he was suffering from our past and it pained me because I felt I was a part of it. Now, seeing him with new love has convinced me that he has moved on. I feel relieved and able to close this chapter for good.

There will be bumps ahead still, but now I know I have what it takes, the will to seize an opportunity and a persevering mind, to make it through. It is amazing how things work out sometimes. I won’t be cliche and say that things always get better, but it certainly is possible if we strive for it.

Happy Bastille day. French people are the biggest group of expats in HK, they brought out their party spirit for the Bastille version of Botellon last night. But I must say, an outdoor party in 30 degree heat was an endurance challenge.

Tell me baby, what’s your story? Where you come from and where you want to go this time. Tell me lover, are you lonely? The thing we need is never all that hard to find.
Red Hot Chilli Peppers - Tell Me Baby
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